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Karma Yoga is purely in the spirit of selfless service. All teachers and staff members are volunteers, and the Center functions only with the help of individuals who are inspired by this Yoga teaching.


You are always welcome to join us as a Karma Yogi.




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Our Energy Exchange Program is designed to offer Shaktiananda Yoga to anyone who may not be able to afford to provide a Love Donation for Membership, Classes or Courses.

How the Program Works

You volunteer approx 3.5 – 4 hours per week, minimum, to assist The Shala (Ashram) with cleaning, painting, gardening, simple construction, or assisting in any way you can. And in exchange. You will recieve unlimited access to Shaktiananda Yoga Classes and Courses. You will have access to Staff pricing on any merchandise that you wish to purchase for yourself. The Shala also does all that it can to assist anyone in need of food, free clothing, and shelter.

We usually ask for a month commitment to the Energy Exchange Program. We only ask that you will be actively involved by contributing your talents to the growth and success of the sacred center of spiritual energy at The Shala.

The Energy Exchange Program also includes opportunities to help at outdoor Music, Art and Yoga Events which are held in the warmer months of the year.

If you are interested in this program, please e-mail us a short letter telling us about yourself, your interest in Shaktiananda Yoga and why you would like to be involved in our Community of Lightworkers. Please be sure to include your full name and Email address so we can contact you. We are also open to trading Shaktiananda Yoga Classes and Courses for other services that you or your business may offer.








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Your Love Donation is greatly appreciated. You may request your Yoga Program Support. Tell your friends about us, and help us spread yoga teachings to others.






                              Are motto is "Unity with All"


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"The heart and mind is prepared for reception of spiritual growth through selfless service."

                                            ~Gurudevi, Satguru Shri Mahashaktiananda