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Personal Consultation


“Believe in Yourself. As you advance in your Yogic practice, always remember to
remain positive and renew your efforts on a daily basis. Success is guaranteed.”
~Gurudevi, Satguru Shri Mahashaktiananda




Shaktiananda Yoga Studio 


Location: Emmett, Idaho, United States US







Class Instruction


Shaktiananda Yoga is offered by appointment only.

Love Donation is available for Class Fees.

Selfless Service as a ‘Karma Yogi’ may go towards Class Fees.


Getting Started


Please fill out the enrollment form that will be provided. You may wish to attach extra pages with information explaining any special needs you may have. Below are the three steps to get started. These may be accomplished in several appointments or all in one session. There is no charge for the initial 3 steps.




1.  Consultation

This involves time with the teacher to go over general information about the Shaktiananda Yoga technique. The teacher will design a personal exercise workout routine for you, based on your information. This is formulated for your specific needs, along with the outlined daily practice for your level and age.


2.  Class Orientation

The teacher will share with you instructional reading material about studio guidelines. You may expect an update from the teacher regarding the consultation and a routine for your personal needs. Please inform your teacher of any health issues that you may have.

3.  Assessment 

The teacher will provide you with an assessment of your level and ability to perform the asanas (postures) outlined for your daily practice. This is an ongoing service that your teacher will provide for you; on an individual basis. Your privacy is guaranteed regarding all of your personal information. Only with your written permission is your information released; as in the case of medical reasons.





In attending Yoga Class, students may not hold liable any instructor, person/s for any personal injury at any time. The student must accept full responsibility for personal property against any theft or loss. There is no nudity or profanity allowed.




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